Penge Boundary #8: The Map

Just to round things off, this is my map of Penge hamlet as it may have appeared in the eighteenth century. In previous posts I’ve revealed tantalising bits and pieces of it, but here’s the whole thing.

My Penge map

I chose the eighteenth century as my reference point because (a) it’s when map-makers like John Rocque, and publishers like John Cary, started to produce detailed maps of South London, which gave me something to work with; and (b) it was Penge’s last moment as a rural hamlet, before it was hit by the nineteenth century capitalist hurricane of canal and enclosure and railway and Crystal Palace and housing that made it the place it is today.

The eighteenth century features are shown in black. Some contemporary features – roads, railways, Crystal Palace Park – are shown in red to help you get your bearings.


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